Have you ever gone to the supermarket and come home, you unpack everything, put everything inside the fridge, and you end up with thousands of unnecessary plastic packages? Have you bought some things that actually don’t make any sense to be packed? For this reason, what you need in your life is a Zero Waste store in Hamburg is called Stückgut.

For those who care about eliminating plastic in their daily habits, there are different stores where you can buy a variety of unpackaged products. Living a “Zero Waste” lifestyle in Hamburg is possible with stores like Stückgut, a store that aims to eliminate plastic packaging from your purchase.

How did the idea of a Zero Waste store come up?

The idea started with the need of having a store where people could buy products in bulk and stop the waste of single-use packaging. Have you ever started counting how many bottles of laundry detergent you buy a year? How many packages of pasta? Now, multiply that by every household in the city. Stückgut buys products in bulk from department stores and then sells them according to their weight in their stores.

How does a Zero Waste store work?

Living a Zero Waste lifestyle is as simple as bringing with you your own container on every purchase. If you don’t have one, they have some clean glass jars right there that you can take with you.

First, you have to weigh the container and mark the weight with a marker or a label, thereby you will be paying only for the weight of the product inside.

Less waste! Which products do they offer?

Besides food (pasta, cereals, sweets..) and personal hygiene products (laundry detergent, shampoo..) you can also find alternative products without plastic such as bamboo toothbrushes, stainless steel razors, shampoo and conditioner bars, toothpaste and even menstrual cups, sanitary pads and reusable diapers.

An excellent option to change shopping habits and have a more responsible and environmentally conscious life! Stückgut is THE Zero Waste store in Hamburg and definitely a place of inspiration. Living Zero Waste is easier than you think.

Zero Waste Hamburg: a project that goes beyond

Stückgut has a program with partners who fight for the same cause: Zero Waste in Hamburg. Here you can find other stores to live a more conscious and eco-friendly life.

Where in Hamburg?


Am Felde 91
22765 Hamburg

St. Pauli
Neuer Kamp 31 – Rindermarkthalle
20359 Hamburg