Delicate preparation of the tea

Do you remember that coffee-shop near Fischmarkt with the best vegan ice cream in the world? If you haven’t read about this place check all about it here. A couple of weeks ago they opened a bigger place in Eimsbüttel: on their website, they describe it as “Specialty coffee & tea room”.

Coffee Bar and barista at work

I couldn´t attend to the opening but I watched the opening through Instagram and I read the posts and stories until finally, I got the chance to go and enjoy my time in there.

Coffee, tea, and matcha

Delicate preparation of the tea

When I arrived I really wanted to zip a cup of coffee but after seeing how the tea was poured, in such a ceremonial way, with so much care and attention to detail, I decided to change my mind and to try a tea. I heard carefully Jana´s advice about green tea. She told me about how each tea has different infusion times, about the varieties of green tea and the different flavor profiles so when I heard that there was a tea that had flavors like avocado and spinach, I decided to try it. Why not?

I drank a Kabuse Sencha. Kabuse is a type of Japanese tea leaf and Sencha is the type of green tea that is infused into hot water and the most popular tea in Japan. Its flavor was quite strong with a sweet touch at the end and as it happens many times with spinach, it lead me a bit of a dry palate while drinking.

Kabuse Sencha green tea

Enjoying green tea

Funnily, I met there by coincidence, my best friends in Hamburg and we decided to spend time together drinking coffee and catching up.

The coffee they serve is Ethiopia and Kenya both in Pour Over and Aeropress but they also have a great variety of teas and have 3 different Matchas from small crops in Kyoto Japan.

Table for four

Coffee - Chemex

They also offer a big variety of magazines from Coffee Table Mags to enjoy a good read while eating a croissant and zipping a cup of coffee.

They offer serveral options to read

Is the coffee good? Is the tea of good quality? It is. But do you know what I like the most? The warmth of everyone here. You’ll always get a smile and honest advice on what to drink. Something I like is that not only are you going to drink coffee, but you’re going to have a unique experience and even learn because everyone is always open to a talk and tell you stories about the coffee or tea you’re drinking at that moment. A lot of success with the new place!

Lappenbergsallee 43
20257 Hamburg

Tuesday-Sunday: 10.00-17.00

Wi-Fi available: Yes

Vegetarian and vegan options: Yes