Since this past weekend, the weather was so good, I went for a walk in the neighborhoods of Sant Pauli and Sternschanze in Hamburg. Honestly, in all the time I’ve been living in this city, I haven’t really spent time just walking, observing in detail and enjoying these parts of the city….don’t get me wrong, I have been here at night and for party, yes! but obviously, these places are totally different during the day.

Sant Pauli, in addition of being the neighborhood of nightlife in Hamburg, is also a place full of culture, home of the famous football team Sankt Pauli -loved with madness and passion and known around the world for defending various causes such as minorities, so they are anti-racist, anti-sexist and anti-homophobic. They’re a punk symbol and they’re super cool!

In Sant Pauli is also the famous Hamburg bunker, a gigantic piece of concrete that was built during World War II to house 18,000 souls, as Hamburg was one of the cities most affected by the bombing. It is impressive! During the night there are concerts and events of electro, rap or rock music.

Walking through the streets for the first time I realized that there are so many beautiful and colorful murals.

On weekends (and especially days with nice weather) there is a special atmosphere on the streets. We all come out to sunbathe and enjoy the city that is so beautiful.

Walking around Sant Pauli I have seen something very interesting that I had never seen before: a small section in a park especially adapted for sharing food, games, books and it has even a small vegetable garden. Everything is free and for whoever needs it.

It is because of these little things that I love living here!

Sant Pauli is the party district in Hamburg. The famous Reeperbahn street is the “Mile of Sin”, full of brothels, bars, and discos. In its parallel streets, we can also find many bars and red areas of the city. Herbertstraße has the same red windows system as in Amsterdam, the difference is that no woman or underage can enter in this street.

The Reeperbahn between the 1700-1800 years was the area where sailors arrived after their long days at open sea to unload all their carnal and festive desires. Reeperbahn offers countless options for partying and weekend nights there are crazy.

This colorful façade is from the famous Bizarre Boutique, the largest sex shop in Europe and open to the public 365 days a year. Inside you will find everything from sex toys, costumes, magazines, videos, to the strangest things.

There is one street that is the most famous one: the Große Freiheit, a unique street full of colors, lights, music and that is unpredictable to see at night.

Right at the beginning of this street, on the Reeperbahn, is the Beatles-Platz, a square dedicated to the Beatles, because, believe it or not, here is where they started their career in the 1960s, right in a Hamburger bar.

At the beginning of the Reeperbahn are the dancing towers. A building (which I could say is one of the tallest in Hamburg) and is famous for its architecture as it looks like two twisted towers. At the top, there is a bar-restaurant Clouds (the cocktails are delicious) from where you can see beautiful views of the city.

On Reeperbahn Street is the most famous and photographed police station in Hamburg.

Near the district of Sant Pauli, there is also the district of Sternschanze, the alternative district par excellence and the cradle of the leftist-anarchist movement of the city. Here you will find many bars, restaurants and interesting and curious little shops.

In Sternschanze, specifically in Schulterblatt Street, there is the Rote Flora, a building that was originally a concert hall, but over time this place was occupied by some people and has remained until today. It is a symbol of anarchy and cultural activities are held from time to time.

In Strenschanze, the Fernsehnturm or Hamburg’s communication tower is also 279 meters high. It is an icon of the city and is currently closed, but work is underway to allow access to people in a few years. Can you imagine the view from up there?

What I like most about these areas is the mixture of people, interests, and ideas and that everyone lives in peace and respect. It is a mix of bars, parks, crazy zones, restaurants, family buildings and sex shops.

When you come to Hamburg these areas are a must on your itinerary. Did you already hear of them?