There is little time to waste doing things you don’t like. Lately, as a result of a professional change, I realized that there are things in life that change your whole attitude and not only for mental welfare but also physical. That’s why in this text, I invite you to reflect on those things that stop you to be happy or you wonder if what you really do every day is what you dreamed to do or that brings you one step closer to reach your life you want.

Change what bothers you: start with the “small” things

I read somewhere that you should start by changing those little things that bother you daily, those things that no matter how small they may seem, are tiny obstacles that you could change to have an easier day, more harmonious or simply less stressful. Your shower is not working properly? Change it. Is that frying pan make the egg stick every day? Buy a new one. All of those are small details that no matter how insignificant they may seem, ruin your day and changing them will cost you relatively little effort, time and money. So why not change them if it will help you have a better day?

“It is not about who goes faster, but to know where are you going”

To know what makes you happy you must look inside yourself, know what your priorities are and go for them. Work every day to get to the place you want to be, no matter what it is or how far away you see it, each day that passes by is a step closer to your goal. It is clear that to get there you must know what you want but the most important thing is that whatever it is, everyone has their own time. Don’t stress out, don’t get carried away by what others do. Not everyone gets married before 30 and not everyone gets the job of their dreams at 25. You are different from your brother, your best friend or your co-worker. Everyone has a history, a personality, and a different path so you should not compare yourself. Comparing yourself with others will only make you bitter.

You are what you decide to be

You are the one writing your own life and it is up to you to take the problems as opportunities for growth and motivation or to have pity on yourself. Be happy and satisfied with the person that you see in the mirror. Never forget that the decision to change is 100% in you and is 100% for you. No one will come to change your life from nothing. Decide to be happy, decide to fight for it and work every day to become the person you want to be.  Do more often what you love, what you love: listen to music at full volume in the shower, dance in the living room, eat that piece of cake, call your parents, take that kind of sauce that you do not dare, travel alone …… do what you want but do it with a smile in your mouth and passion in your heart.

Here I leave you one of my favorite messages. A message that I can always listen to without getting tired.