This café has a very special atmosphere and for those who love aeronautics, it is a unique place. Coffee to Fly is a coffee shop that is literally located a few meters from the Hamburg airport runway and right next to the bridge where people gather to take pictures of the airplanes.

It is very impressive and even mesmerizing to see planes of all sizes and airlines to land and take off, and if you are lucky you can see the big A380 coming from Dubai.

They offer hot drinks (coffee, cappuccino, tea, chocolate) and cold drinks (beer, wine, soft drinks). They also bake cakes and have all kinds of snacks and even breakfasts. It’s not the #thirdwavecoffee you expect but it’s worth visiting, not only for the view but the place itself has a very pleasant and homey atmosphere with friendly and smiling people.

Underneath the bar, there is space to rest comfortably and in winter they have heaters to avoid getting cold. On the terrace they also have small spaces with fire where you can enjoy your drink without the cold.

Oh! and sometimes they organize parties.

There is currently a petition to close the street where the coffee shop is, so they are collecting signatures so that it does not close as this would end with the coffee. If you want to sign you can do it in this link.

Where and when?
Holtkoppel 100     Su-Thu 9:00-23:00
22415 Hamburg   Fr-Sa 9:00-00:00

Vegan options? Yes