This autumn in Hamburg has been incredible. Autumn is my favorite season, the weather starts to be cold but not enough to freeze yourself, the sun keeps shining and the trees turn all colors. I LOVE IT.

This year, in particular, I have enjoyed the autumn very much. I think it’s because this year in special autumn has been especially “hot”. Just 1 week ago in mid-October, we had a Sunday of 24 degrees, this is in Germany very rare. So we took advantage of this hot autumn day to go to Hamburg’s nearest beach: Travemünde. It is 1 hour from Hamburg by train. Very handy for a day trip and although we didn’t sunbathe in bikinis, we enjoyed a day lying on the beach and walking around the city.

I have to accept that autumn in Mexico is not as beautiful as the autumn in Hamburg, I don’t know if it’s because of the lack of trees or maybe because the type of trees there are different. Autumn in Hamburg is a spectacle of colors, the leaves of the trees turn orange, red, brown and yellow. On a sunny day, the remaining green leaves contrast with the already yellow ones and the blue sky. It is simply beautiful.

Autumn in Hamburg I would say is usually “short”. It could be that the typical Hamburg wind or autumn drizzle suddenly come and all the leaves fall off.  It is because of the weather this year that it has given me the impression that this year lasted a little longer than normal. Autumn, like many things in life, pass by really fast, and that’s why you have to make the most of it.

Where to take autumn photos in Hamburg?

As Hamburg is a very green city, there are many places where you can enjoy the autumn colors: Stadpark, Planten und Blumen, Alster, Altesland…and the cemetery of Ohlsdorf. A cemetery? Yes, it is the 4th largest cemetery in Europe. It is so big that it has bus lines inside, churches and a museum. This time I took advantage of the autumn in the city, took my bike and went there to take pictures of the trees. It sounds weird, but the cemetery is so big that is more like a park and people go there to have a ride with my bike or just to have a walk.

There are many places in Hamburg to enjoy autumn and contrasts between the Elbe and nature or the city and the trees. So now you know…if you want to experience autumn in Hamburg, you can fully enjoy it in its different facets pretty much everywhere.