I find it impressive how the brain (and the heart) get used to doing certain things. Creating new habits is exhausting and not easy because it takes us out of our comfort zone. Living in a different country forces you to change and to get new habits. I have found that keeping a record of your new habits helps not only to motivate you but also to have a big picture of what you are doing and how often you are doing it. For a freak control like me, it’s perfect for controlling your change. It becomes a personal challenge to force you to do certain things and routines. Creating new habits is a challenge!

Now that August begins, I want to propose you to create 5 new habits that will improve your quality of life, your peace of mind or what you have been postponing. You still have time to fulfill some of last New Year’s resolutions….do you think we could make a change together?

These are the habits I would like to change this month:

  1. Drink more water. At least 2 litres. – I hate I hate! drinking water.
  2. Do my back exercises every day. – I have back problems, and yet I still do not do the exercises the orthopedist told me to do.
  3. Go to the gym at least 3 times a week. – I always postpone it.
  4. Write in the morning in my dream notebook. – For months I’ve wanted to have the habit of writing my dreams (it seems super interesting to me) I did it for a couple of weeks but I’m always very lazy to sit down and write them. Then, I changed it for voice notes and in the end, I just stopped doing it.
  5. Check my cell phone for the first time after showering and stop using it when I am with my partner. – This is the most difficult one but I don’t like that when I wake up the first thing I do is see the phone and not enjoy my partner while we are together.

If 5 habits are too many, start with 1 but START! Studies say that to create a new habit you need to be consistent for at least 21 days, so you can start August with the whole attitude of wanting to create new habits.

Share in the comment section what do you want to achieve and let’s motivate us together. At the end of the month, I will edit this post about my process of creating these 5 new habits.